Kingdom of LOOPTOPIA

Imagine a kingdom where only happiness exists; A place where peace overflows in the form of non-stop electronic melodies.

To celebrate the birth of LOOPTOPIA, the kingdom had decreed musical heroes from all across the lands to make their pilgrimage to this special event.

Enter the kingdom and prepared to be overwhelmed with joy and laughter as only lovers of PLUR may enter the mystical doors of LOOPTOPIA. Come join us and wave your flag along with subjects from all corners of the world.


White Palace

An ode to the classic “White Party,” White Palace is a magical realm where the aura of euphoric purity lasts through all 4 seasons; A Trance and Progressive haven, where everyone is reborn into the light.

Enter the White Palace to be engulfed with bright lights and get ready to be uplifted. This a place that unites all with the beauty of music; A palace where people from different backgrounds speaking in different tongues can all unite as one in the name of PLUR.


Monster Tower

If White Party is one of the known classics in parties, then Halloween Massive would be the most legendary. Asia’s largest costume party is making a comeback with it’s own Halloween Massive inspired stage at Looptopia Music Festival.

We’ve gathered all the hardstyles and bass genres and created “Monster Tower”. Embodying the spirit of Halloween Massive, it’s sure to be dark, unique, and full of personality. This stage is dedicated to all the hardstyle, trap, bass, and dupstep fans. We hope to see all the little monsters who have supported us through the years, and for new friends who have never experienced Halloween Massive, this stage is guaranteed to wow and impress!

Q Dance X Monster Tower


Taiwan, rejoice! Cuz the world’s most prestigious hardstyle brand Q-dance is taking over Monster Tower LOOPTOPIA!

Q-dance is the undisputed king of everything hard, such as hardstyle, hardcore, and hard trance. Conceived in the dawn of the century, Q-dance now organizes the most successful and celenrated hard events worldwide such as Defqon.1 Festival, Qlimax, QAPITAL, Q-Base, X-Qlusive and many more. Now for the first time Q-dance is teaming up with theLOOP in bringing out the full madness Q-dance has to offer to the Monster Tower stage LOOPTOPIA!

▶︎ ABOUT Q-dance
♫ World’s leading hardstyle brand
♫ Coming to Taiwan for the first time
♫ Delivering the full madness known for the brand



Taiwan's premier dance music festival is coming! Spanning across 2 days, 3 stages, featuring 50 more globally acclaimed DJs, all in 1 event! Combining camping, BBQ, at the most epic outdoor venue in Asia, this is truly Asia's premium festival experience!

【LOOPTOPIA Travellers’ Camp】

● Camping Ticket:$6,600 TWD/4-6 Person Capacity
● 2017/12/6 7:00 PM on sale
● Online Presale Ticket : KKTIX

Limited tents available, Order yours today!

▶ Please check "Campsite Rules and Notice" before you purchase tickets:
▶ Tickets FAQ:
***LOOPTOPIA camping tickets do not include LOOPTOPIA event tickets.***