Q1: Is there any age limit?
▶︎This is an 18+ and older event.

Q2: Where can I buy passes? Can I purchase through my mobile phone?
▶︎Online through KKTIX, download the KKTIX app, or download LOOPtix app. Please sign-up first for easy checkout.
▶︎LOOPtix APP: https://loops.exubertech.com/theloopapp/download.html
▶︎KKTIX Website: https://theloop.kktix.cc/events/looptopiamf-aee06be1

Q3: What payment methods can be used to purchase passes?

▶︎Credit and debit cards are accepted (VISA/MASTER/JCB). ATM transfers and FamiPort order payments are accepted as well.
▶︎Because FamiPort is not able to include personal address information, VIP passes can only be purchased through LOOPtix or KKTIX.

Q4: What is the maximum number of passes I can buy?
▶︎Besides the winners of the super early bird raffle is limited to 1 pass per member, Early Bird / VIP passes are limited to two (2) per member. Tier 1 / 2 passes are limited to four (4) per member.

Q5: What are some important information for ATM transfers?
▶︎It is limited to Taiwan operated banks with accounts that enables the “non-predesignated account transfer“ option. If the order exceeds $30,000 NTD, then the ATM transfer option is unavailable. Please pay before the deadline or else the order will be automatically cancelled.

Q6: What are some important information for FamiPort payment?
▶︎Single transactions must be within TWD1,500-20,000, other wise FamiPort payment is unavailable.


Q7: What are ways to receive my pass?
▶︎Through mail (limited to Taiwan, with a $49 processing fee), FamilyMart pickup ($30 processing fee, paid at the convenient store), or electronic ticket (no processing fee)

Q8: Does a festival pass include a camping spot?
▶︎No, camping spots are sold separately and you must purchase a 2-day pass to be able to enter the camping area.

Q9: Is a 2-day pass two separate tickets?
▶︎No. It is one wristband good for the entire weekend. Void if tampered or removed.

Q10: If we lose the wristband and the VIP box, can we report it as lost or stolen?
▶︎ You are responsible for the safekeeping of the wristband and premium vip boxset, Looptopia is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Make sure to enter the correct email address and Taiwan address. Looptopians outside of Taiwan, please provide an address within Taiwan or select the will call option. The QR CODE is for tax purposes only; Wristbands must be present for festival entry.

Q11: I’m buying multiple passes. Can I transfer some of them to friends?
▶︎You may purchase passes on behalf of your friends, but once theirs is scanned, it is non-transferable.

Q12: Can I use my 2-day pass to get two people in on one day instead of just using it once per day?
▶︎No. A 2-day pass is only good for one scan per day.

Q13: I can’t make it one of the days. Can I give my pass to a friend for the other day?
▶︎No, the 2-day pass is not transferable after it has been registered. 

Q14: Can we change the entry date of the 1 day pass?
▶︎No, the date of entry is not transferrable. 

Q15: Are there multiple entries for the event?
▶︎Once you leave the festival you cannot come back in until the following day.

Q16: Can I use a photo or scaned copy of my ID for entry?
▶︎No, hardcopies of your ID must be present for entry  (ie. ID, Healthcare Card, or Drivers License etc.) 

Q17: How can I avoid ticket fraud?
▶︎The best way to avoid ticket fraud is to buy directly from LOOPtix or KKTIX. DO NOT purchase from scalpers. If you arrive at the venue with an illegitimate pass, you will be turned away, and no refund will be provided.

Q18: Can I refund tickets?
▶︎Processing fee (10% of the ticket price) will be charged for all refunded tickets.  No refunds 10 days prior to the event.  Please click the link for more information. http://support.kktix.com/knowledgebase/articles/405841-了解退款政策