$ 3800
1-Day Pass

EasyCard Edition

$ 6700
2-Day Pass


$ 6000
VIP 1-Day Pass


$ 9800
VIP 2-Day Pass

EasyCard X LOOPTOPIA Limited Collector’s Edition

LOOPTOPIA has another new collaboration this year with Taiwan’s well known brand EasyCard!

In order to allow everyone to experience different features of the EasyCard, those who’ve purchased the “EasyCard Looptopia 2-Day GA Pass” will receive a “2018 Looptopia Special Edition EasyCard” as well as a set of LOOPTOPIA stickers at the door (Looptopia Music Festival entrance).

The EasyCard holders will also have a dedicated entrance for quick entry into the festival, and they will also have priority access to free shuttle service on the way back home and HSR Taoyuan station and TRA Pushin Station to the festival straight to festival grounds on second day.

At LOOPTOPIA, there will also be an EasyCard Recycling Station which will provide special recycling bags (while supplies last)). Those who recycle 5 empty bottles can redeem a EasyCard recycling bag at the EasyCard Recycling Station. We invite all Looptopians to participate in the recycling efforts to help the environment!

  • 2018 LOOPTOPIA Special Edition EasyCard
  • 2018 LOOPTOPIA Themed Sticker Set

Limited supply to 1,000 sets only


We’ve created our own APP “LOOPtix” in order to give us an international edge as well as make it easier for ticket purchasing and event entry.

Besides being environmentally friendly through reducing wasted paper and pollution. Our new solution allows international friends to easily purchase tickets and attend Taiwan’s largest outdoor music festival!

Download 「LOOPtix」mobile APP for the following benefits:

  • Special Deals
  • No more lost tickets
  • Latest news
  • Raffles/Prizes
  • Easy purchase of future events

Download「LOOPtix」APP now and register!

☛ http://bit.ly/looptix



Good news everyone! LOOPTOPIA "EZ Play" Layaway plan available now! Looptopia Music Festival has been praised by our EDM Father in heaven. We only give out the best with the most reasonable price for our fellow Looptopians. For only NT$20 a day grants you full access to DJ Snake, Yellow Claw and all other exciting acts and activities at LOOPTOPIA!
We know a festival can be a big investment, but LOOPTOPIA's got your back! Now you can put away your worries and look forward to an unforgettable experience.
Sign up for one of our layaway plans today (3 months / 6 months) to make budgeting a little bit easier.
Select the plans below to choose the perfect plan for you! 
After submission, LOOPTOPIA will mail your ticket shortly.

Don't let your finances stop you from a once in a lifetime experience!





Premium VIP Box Set


LOOPTOPIA is always trying to take the festival to the next level! We want all Looptopians to have an international music festival experience. Those who have purchased a LOOPTOPIA VIP pass will receive a Premium Vip Boxset filled with many surprises!

How do you get this special set?

▶ Purchasing Information:

  1. Download the LOOPtix app and register your information. Select the VIP pass and proceed to online payment.
  2. Register and Purchase through KKTIX through credit card or ATM transfer.
  3. FamiPort is not able to include personal address information, VIP passes can only be purchased through LOOPtix or KKTIX website.
  4. Make sure to enter the correct email address and Taiwan address. Looptopians outside of Taiwan, please provide an address within Taiwan or select the will call option. The QR CODE is for tax purposes only; Wristbands must be present for festival entry.
  5. VIP passes will be sent out 1 week before the event. Make sure to register your wristband in order to ensure entry.
  6. 2 VIP passes purchase maximum per person. Only those who have purchased the VIP passes more than 30 days before the event will receive a premium vip boxset. Premium vip boxsets are limited to the first '1,000' passes to purchase them early.
  7. You are responsible for the safekeeping of the wristband and premium vip boxset, Looptopia is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


  1. Processing fee (10% of the ticket price) will be charged for all refunding tickets. No refund 10 days prior to the event.
  2. ZERO TOLERANCE DRUGS POLICY It is forbidden to be in possession of drugs on at the festival grounds. If you are caught for dealing/using drugs, you’ll be forced to leave the festival ground and the organizer may call on the police.
  3. You must be 18 or order to enter the festival site. Please bring a valid identification for check up.
  4. One ticket is only valid for one admission of one person. All types of tickets must be traded to wristbands to access the festival site. EXIT = NO RE-ENTRY.
  5. 2-Day ticket pass is ONE wristband, good for the entire 2-Day event that you purchased. Please wear your wristbands throughout the whole event. Wristbands are void if tampered with or removed. You will be asked to leave the festival site without a wristband.
  6. The entry to the 1-Day GA and 1-Day VIP ticket pass are restricted to the date specified on the ticket (Friday 4/6 or Saturday 4/7). Last minute entry date exchanges will not be allowed.
  7. For those who have purchased group tickets, please exchange your wristbands at the entrance of the festival. The entire group must enter at the same time, and those who do not make it will forfeit the remaining spots.
  8. Please pay close attention to your tickets and wristbands. Stolen or lost tickets cannot be reissued. The event organizers will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged tickets and wristbands. No replacements will be issued.
  9. Please make sure to purchase your tickets from legitimate ticket outlets.
  10. Access with the following objects inside the event is prohibited:
    • NO outside food & drinks
    • NO liquids of any form
    • NO drones / remote control aircraft
    • NO drugs & drug paraphernalia
    • NO laser pointers & professional-caliber cameras
    • NO inflammable products or materials, sprays
    • NO fireworks / explosives / road flare
    • NO knives / weapons / glass / sharp objects
    • NO open packs of cigarettes
    • NO pets / animals except service dogs
  11. Everyone entering the festival grounds will be searched upon entry. You will need to empty your pockets, and have all your items examined. If you have a backpack or purse, security will examine that as well.
  12. Access to the festival site is prohibited or refused to people who are clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs and resist the control by the festival’s security personnels. The organizer shall have the right to ask the person to leave the event site without refund.
  13. Organizer reserves the right to record, both on film and audiotex, people who attend the festival.
  14. Please be responsible for your own belongings. The organizer will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of property.
  15. The festival will take place despite weather conditions, with the exception of natural disasters. In the event of cancellation due to a natural disaster, tickets will be refunded with processing fee (10% of ticket price).
  16. The organizer reserves the rights to alter the programme or the timetable of the festival.

To avoid unnecessary dispute and damage in equity, please make sure that you have understood and agreed with all of the above. Do not purchase if you disagree with them. You will be viewed as fully understand and agree with these terms when purchasing the ticket or requesting a refund.