High-Speed Rail: To Taoyuan Cingpu Station (

*From Taipei ~ about 20 Minutes *From Taichung~ about 38 Minutes
*From Tainan~ about 83 Minutes *From Zuoying~ about 100 Minutes

 After exiting the station:
  1. There will be a free LOOPTOPIA shuttle bus to the venue outside the HSR exit
  2. By Taxi: 20 Minutes drive directly to Pushin Ranch

By Train: to Pushin Station (

  1. From Hsinchu Direction→ (Northbound 40-45 Minutes)
  2. From Taipei Direction→ (Southbound 55-60 Minutes)

After Exiting the Station:

  1. Pushin Station → Walk towards Pushin Ranch (~20-30 Minutes)
  2. Pushin Station→ Free Yang Mei public shuttle to Pushin Ranch * L613 Tourist Line-Time Table:
  3. Pushin Station→Take the free LOOPTOPIA shuttle bus outside the back of the train station

From the Airport

  1. Take the Taoyuan Metro to the Taoyuan High-Speed Rail Station, and there will be free LOOPTOPIA shuttles by platform 11 outside of exit 5
  2. Taxi directly from the airport will take around 20 Minutes

By Car

(Zhongshan Freeway 67,Exit Youshi Interchange,3 Minutes to destination)

  1. From South→Pushin Ranch (Highway ~20 Minutes, No.1 Provincial Road 40 Minutes)
  2. From North→Pushin Ranch (Highway ~40 Minutes, No.1 Provincial Road)  *For more details: (From Taipei OMNI CLUB):



LOOPTOPIA Bus (Taipei Shuttle)

One-Way ticket: $200 TWD

Departure time: 10AM / 11AM / 12AM / 1PM / 2PM
Departure point: MRT Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station. Exit 4

Return time: 10PM / 11PM
Departure point: No. 2 Parking Lot, Pushin Ranch


Each ticket is intended for one-way only (onward or return). Passengers should buy two tickets for both onward and return journeys.  No bus ticket will be sold on the event day.

LOOPTOPIA Bus tickets do not include LOOPTOPIA event tickets.


* Passengers should wait in a queue at the departure point for boarding. The maximum capacity of each bus is 42 persons.

* LOOPTOPIA Bus (Taipei – LOOPTOPIA) departs every hour and will wait for only ten minutes for onward journeys. The first bus departs at 10AM and the last bus departs at 2PM.

* LOOPTOPIA Bus (LOOPTOPIA – Taipei) departs every hour and will wait for only ten minutes for return journeys. The first bus departs at 10PM and the last bus departs at 11PM.

* When buying a ticket, passengers should make sure to check the date, departure time, destination and fare on the ticket.

* Passengers are advised to arrive early at the departure point. NO REFUND if you miss your departure time.

* All LOOPTOPIA Bus tickets are examined physically. Each ticket is considered as a marketable security. Please keep tickets properly. No lost, damaged, burned or unidentified tickets will be re-issued or refunded.


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Hotel Kuva Chateau

7.6KM / 20 mins

Fullon Hotels and Resorts - Chungli

7.1KM / 9 mins

Hotel MU

6.8KM / 17 mins

168inn Motel - Broadway

9.3KM / 16 mins

168inn Motel - Chungli

7.4KM / 15 mins

168inn Motel -Pingzhen

4.5KM / 10min

Hub Hotel

7.9KM / 18Min

G66 Motel

5.1KM / 13 mins

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 Nearby Hotels

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6.7KM / 11 mins

South Gardens Hotels and Resorts

7.8 KM / 16 mins

Sunrise Golf & Country Club

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Eastern Hotels & Resorts Yangmei

7.0KM / 14 mins

Kai Du Hotel

9 KM / 19 mins

Chungli Business Hotel

6.8KM / 16 mins

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26.6KM / 23Min

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8.6KM 18 mins


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